Hasil Penilaian Sejawat Sebidang atau Peer Review Jurnal Ilmiah Studi Evaluasi Pelaksanaan Pencegahan Infeksi Bidan Praktek Swasta yang Sudah Mengikuti Pelatihan Asuhan Persalinan Normal

Novita Sari Eka Diantini
Journal article Jurnal Dharma Praja

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 2 pages)


Infection Prevention (PI) is to protection through physical, mechanical or chemical that can prevent the spread of infectious microorganisms from person to person or from instrument equipment and surfaces in the environment around humans. This study aimed to describe the evaluation process of the implementation of the prevention of infection by a BPS that have training APN. In this study, the research design used is descriptive evaluative ie judging by comparing the information with the criteria of the process of implementation of infection prevention. Population is taken throughout BPS have training in the district Bondowoso APN, while the sample is the total population met the inclusion criteria were 13 people. Measuring devices using the check list. Based on the research results obtained most of the respondents (midwives) who have considerable value, which is 5 respondents (38%), the value of both the 4 respondents (31%) and the remaining 4 respondents (31%) have less value. It can be concluded that the imbalance between the sub-system sub-systems that affect other systems so that the process of implementation of infection prevention are not getting the expected results. Therefore we need a surveillance and control program for the early detection of imbalances in the sub-system.